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Should the below not answer your query, or should you require additional assistance, please contact your HR team.

For Applicants

If I have missed the closing date for a vacancy, can I still submit my application for consideration?

Once the post has closed, the online system will automatically remove the advert from the web site, and as such late applications cannot be made.

I want to apply for more than one position do I need to submit an application form for each post?


How long will it take to complete an application?

This will depend on the vacancy itself, as some online applications will require you to provide more information than others.

The first application you complete will take the longest as in addition to completing the online application form itself, you will also need to register / create your unique online account.

All subsequent applications however will simply ask you to check (and if required, amend) your online account details, and complete the online application form specific to that vacancy.

When completing an online application form, please note that you can save your information as you go, and if required, return at a more convenient time to complete and submit.

How soon can I expect to hear the outcome of my application?

Shortlisting can take some time, and can vary from post to post, however, if you apply online, we do guarantee that you will receive notification of the outcome of your application.


Alternatively, please feel free to contact the relevant HR Office, to receive an update.

I would need to relocate to Dundee, what information is available?

Please review our Relocation pages.

I would need a visa, can I still apply?

Yes you can, the University does sponsor visa applications.


Please see our Certificate of Sponsorship pages for additional information.

I do not have an email address. How will I receive correspondence?

We will communicate with you by letter, to the postal address you provide us with.

Alternatively, should you wish to obtain an email account, there are several free email service providers who you could register with. Some of the more common being : Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google

What should I do if I have a general enquiry?

Please contact the relevant HR Office.

How do I know my application has been received?

If you submitted your application online, and have provided your correct email address, you will receive an email from our Recruitment Service ( confirming receipt.

I do not have access to the Internet, how do I apply?

The internet can be accessed for free at many local locations including ; all Dundee City Libraries and the Job Centre.


If however the above are not accessible to you, you can request a hard copy application from the relevant HR Office.

How can I view my online application history?

Login to your Online Applications Account, and click on : Show all my applications (Current and Previous).

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Open the login page to your Online Application Account, and click on the 'Please email my password to me' link.

You should then enter your Email Address (the one you used to create your online account with) within the Email Address field, and click the Email me button.

If we have your email address held within our Recruitment System, we shall email your password to you.

Should you have any problems with this service, please email us at :

I do not live locally, what will happen if I am invited for interview?

A telephone / video conference interview may be conducted in the first instance. If however, you are required to attend an interview in person, the University will, within reason, reimburse travel and accommodation expenses.

I cannot make the date / time of the interview, is it possible to rearrange?

Wherever possible, the University will try to accommodate such requests, however, in some cases, the interview panels' previously arranged commitments, may prevent such re-arrangements.

When will references be taken up?

For Grades 1 - 6, references will only be requested for the successful candidate.

For Grades 7 - 10, it is standard University practice to contact referees prior to interview. (Please note however, referees will only be contacted if consent has been provided within the submitted application form.)

How do I get feedback if I have been unsuccessful?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we only provide feedback for those candidates who have been interviewed.

If you have been interviewed, but have been unsuccessful, a feedback request can be made to our Recruitment Service, or direct to the HR Office responsible for the vacancy.

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For Recruiters

What are the usual Recruitment Costs for people making a Grant application?

In general, an advert on is usually sufficient to attract a Post Doc and this costs £179, however if advertised in Nature etc. the cost would be roughly £1,200.


If a Certificate of Sponsorship is required, there is a £190 fee.


Interview Expenses usually come in at £200 if the candidate is not local - this includes accommodation, travel and food costs.


There may also be the possibility of relocation expenses of up to 1 months' salary (For a Post Doc., 1 month grade 7 salary).


However, as these are general figures, you should contact your HR Officer for assistance with your application.

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For Managers

How do I calculate a persons Holiday Allowance?

Please contact your HR Officer as he/she will be able to assist you with the calculation.


If you are unsure who your HR Officer is, please e-mail the relevant HR inbox from our web page. 

I have a new member of staff starting, how do I obtain their IT logon details, and confirmation of their email address?

You / your departmental IT person, should log a call with the UoD IT  (Ext. 88000 / Email : advising that you have a new starter within the department and that you require confirmation of their logon details and email address.


You should also advise which drives/folders/applications, you need the person to have access to. (Tip : If someone in your department already has the same type/level of access you need, advise UoD IT that the new person should be set up the same as X.)

I have a person working in my department, but they are not paid by the University, and nor do they have a formal contract of employment. I do however need them to have access to the University's IT facilities, and to have a University email address. Is this possible?

Yes, you can request that the person be granted Associate Status. Please complete and submit an Associate Staff Request Form

I need to request an Honorary, University of Dundee contract. How do I do this?

You will need to submit a letter requesting the Honorary appointment to the Dean, along with the persons CV. This will be discussed at School Board, and then sent to Senate for consideration.

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For New Staff

How do I obtain a Staff ID Card?

You can obtain your Staff ID Card from the Enquiry Centre by e-mailing them with a passport sized photograph of yourself.   (Enquiry Centre can be found on the Campus Map, should you require directions.)

Where can I find information on relocating to Dundee?

Please visit our Relocation pages.

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General Queries

Where do I find the Human Resources Forms?

All Forms can be found within the Forms section on our website.

Who is my HR Officer?

Please go to the page where you can contact the HR team for your School to liaise with your HR Officer.

I have : moved house / married and changed my name / divorced and changed my name / obtained my PhD and am now a Dr. / changed my title / wish to change my emergency contact details / other change of personal details. How do I advise you of this?

Please complete and submit a Change of Personal Details Form.

Who are the : Deans of School / School Managers, Directors within Professional Services?

I need information regarding the Staffing Profile of the University. Information such as :  Staff Numbers / Staff attached to a specific College, Directorate, School, Department, Unit / Historical Data / Current Data. Is this information available, and if so, how can I request it?

We have a brief  Staffing Profile available on our website. If however the information you require is not listed, please follow the guidelines provided within the Notes section of the Staffing Profile.

I am looking to send a mailing out to all / some University staff. What is the best way to do this?

Please read the advice on the internal communications web page, complete the communication plan template, and send this to

I have some questions as regards information about me, which is collected by the University of Dundee, and then submitted annually to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Please review the information within the HESA and the University of Dundee webpage.

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