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HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) is the job evaluation scheme used at the University of Dundee. HERA is the recognised job evaluation scheme for higher education institutions. It was developed and widely tested nationally across universities to ensure that it could be effectively applied to the range of roles found in higher education. It is a systematic method of comparing jobs, and underpins the objective of equal pay for work of equal value.

HERA was implemented at Dundee by a matching process, with Role Outline Forms being matched to one of the established generic role profiles.

The implementation phase of HERA was completed in July 2008.

Post-implementation, the grading of posts will be reviewed using the process outlined in the HERA Maintenance Procedure (currently under review).

If the grade of a post is to be reviewed, a HERA Role Outline FormRole Outline Form.pdf, must be completed. The form must be verified and the grading review supported by the line manager and the Dean of School/Discipline Lead/Director.

Currently only roles that have been part of an organisational change or re-structuring exercise will be reviewed as part of the restructuring process.

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HERA Maintenance Submission Schedule

HERA Maintenance Procedure 2016 - UPDATE

 The HERA Maintenance Procedure is the procedure by which staff and Deans of School/Directors/School Managers can request a grading review of existing academic related and support staff roles (

A decision was taken by UEG that given the significant and on-going work taking place in different areas of the University relating to re-structuring, review of services and through Business Transformation, there will be no HERA Maintenance round this year (2016) and for the foreseeable future.  Instead roles will be reviewed as an integral part of the various organisational change and re-structuring activities.  

This approach was agreed at UEG and confirmed with Schools and Directorates and with the unions at recent Local Joint Committee meetings.

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Grading of New Posts

The Dean of School/School Manager/Head of Unit will prepare a detailed job description which will be forwarded to Human Resources with a request to evaluate the post.

The job description will be matched to one of the generic role profiles and the grade of the post will be confirmed. If a match can not be established, the role will be scored.

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Vacant Posts

If there have been changes in the content of vacant posts, then a similar procedure to that for new posts will be followed.

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Advice on HERA

If you have any queries on HERA please contact:

Or one of the trade union contacts:

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